Plan of Equality of Opportunity Between Men and Women


Currently, the full and formal recognition of equality between men and women rests on the basis of legal foundations of a distinct nature: constitution, European, and international. Additionally, in the past years, it has been a subject to development both at the national level, LO 3 2007, on March 22, for the effective equality of women and men, and at the regional level, (L 12/2007, on November 26, for promotion of gender equality in Andalusia). In this context, the University of Granada decided to create the Equality Unit and, shortly after, adopted its “Plan of Equality of Opportunity Between Men and Women of the UGR”

However, it is clear that, despite the achievements on the regulatory level, there is still a gap between equality under the law and real equality. For that reason, it is essential that public institutions actively promote awareness of the issue and take measures toward overcoming discrimination and guaranteeing equality.

The Department of International Public Law and International Relations is a university body connected with the social reality, and socially committed to and respectful of its policies of equality. This is true both in its internal functioning, as well as in the development of research and, especially, in the most visible aspects of its teaching duties.

The adoption of the Plan of Equality is the natural next step and is consistent with the attitude that the Department has always had, keeping in line with the sensibilities of its neighbors. The implementation of an Equality Plan is therefore a way to provide greater visibility of the commitment of this body and its staff to equal opportunities between men and women, which is the guiding principle of the University of Granada and the essential value that must govern and be preserved in the community and the rest of society.

Points, Objectives, Actions and Indicators of the Plan

In congruence with the Plan of Equality Between Men and Women of the University of Granada, six of the eight general points included in the plan have been selected to act transversely with the areas of action of the Department. Each point is associated with a specific objective and with different actions that are considered appropriate for the achievement of these objectives.


Plan de igualdad de oportunidades entre mujeres y hombres


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